Choose from Many Website Features

Websites can do so much more than just display information. We offer many features for you to select and provide a power boost to your website. Our feature availability is constantly growing. If you can’t find the feature you need, simply mention your project requirements to your Project Specialist and our team will prepare a solution for you.

Online Forms

A digital form that you can place on 1 or multiple pages of your website. It is common to place a contact form, a type of Online Form, on your Contact page.

Photo Gallery

A display of 1 or multiple pictures on 1 or multiple pages of your website. There are different photo gallery options.

Video Library

A display of 1 or multiple videos on 1 or multiple pages of your website. There are different video gallery options.

Services Section

A section displaying your services in an orderly fashion. This section is important to allow users to easily find the service they need.

Staff Section

A section displaying your staff members. This section can be used to easily provide contact details of key staff to your website visitors.

Newsletter Section

Similar to an online form, a newsletter section displays an online form but goes further by automatically adding email signups to your Email Marketing provider (Mailchimp, etc.).


This feature provides you the ability to quickly upload articles/posts on your website.

Testimonials Section

A section displaying testimonials of your past customers. This section will give you an opportunity to show off the amazing reviews your business has received.

Events Calendar

A web application that allows you to edit and display a calendar. This section is great for keeping your customers informed of your events.


A section for users to find important information about your business or product. A FAQs section includes many questions accompanied by their answers using a drop-down feature.

PDF Downloads

This feature provides you the ability to give website visitors the option to download content from your website. Content includes PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, and more.

Latest News

This section displays a set number of articles (from newest to articles in a type of category) in a carousel. This section normally is placed on the Home page.

Background Video

This feature displays a live video behind a section to provide more pop to your website. In addition, it’s a great way to provide more background imagery to communicate your brand.

Social Media Share Buttons

This feature displays buttons that direct users to your social media pages. In addition, you can display social media icons on your pages. This will allow users the ability to share your pages or blog.

Sponsor Carassal

This section displays your sponsor's or partner’s logos in a carousel.

Google Analytics Integration

Connect your website with Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic.

About Us Section

This section displays your about summary in an artistic manner. It is common for an about summary on a website to be long. For this reason, it is important you have an efficient section that organizes your summary and makes it look great.

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